Pinball Sessions, Young Benjamins and Timber Timbre

I’ve lived in Guelph for almost two years now. I’d say it’s been a substantial part of my brief life so far. I’ve managed to wiggle my way into the lives of some of the most music-filled people in the city. So, despite being small, good things do come from this little city.

Namely, the Pinball Sessions, a branch off from the Guelph-based record label Dollartone. It’s the new home for folkies to showcase their music in a free, sessions environment. I dig the Young Benjamins, a very young group from Saskatchewan. I however cannot shake just how much their tune “Young Argument” sounds like “Demon Host” by Toronto folkie Timber Timbre. I just can’t shake it. Check out their Pinball Session and make the comparison yourself. The Pinball Sessions officially drops next week, so keep an eye out for some of Canada’s finest broadcasted from this new little wonder.

Also, did you catch this last week in Toronto???


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