Field Trip at Fort York; Saturday June 8, 2013.

I love the innocent vision of creating an image of a Field Trip within the walls of the Toronto metropolis. I suppose they needed to overcompensate for the change of venue from their previous residency at Toronto Island; with a boat ride that made it really feel like an unconventional adventure (for those of us who don’t go there on the regular).

To me, it felt like a nod to the ’60s nostalgia like in the Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom.

moonrisewallpaper-byshawnaxMoonrise Kingdom 1

fieldtrip1The festival featured many bands I have loved and seen in the past. It was a nice reunion show that made me revisit some long lost tunes. I sadly missed the Darcys, a band that I have watched grow from the Toronto music scene. While relatively green to the “big time” record label world, the Darcys know what they are doing and it has certainly been a calculated, planned out journey for the band.

The first band I really took in was Zeus. We arrived to their set a bit late, but I’m really glad I could hear “Heavy on Me.” I found the version of “You Gotta Tell Her” to be a bit forced, vocal-wise and more aggressive than usual. The set was all too short.

Caught a bit of Timber Timbre, another act I’ve really seen rise into prominence. It was really remarkable to see how his sounds has really grown without losing his eerie-haunted house-like sound.

Stars were delightful. I’ve come to just accept their campy theatrics, although this show had no roses to throw into the crowd. Both Evan Cranley and Torquil Campbell had shaved heads. Thankfully, I wore my glasses as I probably would not have recognized these fellows. It was really lovely to hear “Elevator Love Letter,” it has been over three years since I’ve listened to that tune and I knew every word.

Feist was boring. It probably didn’t help that I was standing next to a guy who shit on her sets generally before she took the stage, but I got what he was saying. Her music is lovely and sounds phenomenal live but standing for hours and listening to her music just isn’t my ideal situation. In discussing it with a pal on the way home, we agreed that she was a bit over-indulgent with the audience participation, often asking us to do things before she had explained them fully. She did say this was her New Kids on the Block moment at the gig… I gotta give her credit for reinvented her tunes, however maybe not the best for the purist in me.

Broken Social Scene rocked. It was such a delight to hear You Forgot It In People from start to finish. This has been easily one of the most prominent album of my youth. Eight years ago, I listened to “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl” on repeat, at seventeen. The standout moment was hearing off-beat tunes like “Shampoo Suicide,” “Pacific Theme” and “Looks Just Like the Sun” live.

I kept referring back to this video that I watched on repeat many years ago. The sound is surprisingly good! I really wanted to take in Andrew Whiteman’s presence at the Field Trip gig like this set here, but it just didn’t happen.

Happy to report Mr. Jason Collett got a hair cut… Phew!

Moments like this festival makes me really treasure the Toronto music scene and geography.


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