Poliça with Solid Gold at the Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY; Friday June 7, 2013

Seeing Poliça for a second time in two months has been an absolute treat. After racing to, and nearly missing their Coachella week 1 set, seeing them in much less of a panic made things so much  easier and more enjoyable. It was a late gig intending to cap off the Governors Ball, a festival I was aware of but didn’t really make a great attempt to seek out. It was a beautiful, serendipitous unveiling of events because Friday was the rainiest day I’ve experienced in a while, cancelling some of the events of the Friday portion of the festival. Fortunately, Poliça, not too wet, were still ready to rock in the evening.

Something about this gig felt different from the Coachella 2013 performance. Maybe it’s because I was closer, or less sweaty, regardless, they were bang on. The venue was packed and apparently sold out. I managed to get a ticket from Ticketweb, the day before the gig. It was sold out the week prior so I was really relieved to find a ticket online. My pal, Naomi, scored one off of Stub Hub for just $10 more than me. Worth it.
We got to the venue at about half past eleven to find that no one had gone on yet! It wasn’t until about midnight that openers, Solid Gold, took the stage!! So, I took the opportunity to suck back a few Brooklyn Lagers whose plant is located next door to the Brooklyn Bowl. Yummy stuff.

I was extremely excited to try my hand at bowling, but my date was not feeling it. I’m still a bit bitter about it, I had even packed socks in excitement and preparation to bowl. Lanes were $25/half hour and shoe rentals were $5. It was cute to see people wearing their bowling shoes at the gig, I’m not sure if that was a drunken move or just a hipster effort, maybe a combination of the two. I was surprised to see that there was 0 line to bowl, perhaps it’s the high rates deterring the kids from partaking. I get it, but I was still in vacation mode and wanted to splurge!

Poliça were absolutely stunning, lead woman Channy Leneagh’s mesmerizing stage presence, was getting everyone pumped. She’s kind of an odd woman – pixie hair cut, 1920s thin eyebrows and donned a very unconventional long dress with chunky red Fluevog-like shoes. For me at least, it was certainly her rhythmic dance moves and amazing voice that got me, not her thread selection. Throughout the whole show, there was a dude verbally melting with every minute letting out “ooohs” and “oooh yeah baby.” I found it a bit funny, but not as funny as the girl behind me singing each word in my ear. It was probably more funny for someone to watch me cringe with each syllable this tequila-drunk girl sang to me.

I was most happy to hear the band open up with “Leading to Death” which they neglected play at their Coachella 2013 week 1 set. I was also super stoked to have heard “Tiff,” which was just as amazing sans Justin Vernon. They also shut her down with my absolute favourite tune “Amongster.”

Two drums is really the way to go.

Openers Solid Gold were good. I really didn’t feel anything however in sheer bliss after ending Poliça’s set, I splurged and bought Solid Gold’s album for $10. You really can’t beat that price. I listened to the album through once at work on Sunday and wasn’t really feeling it. It had a glorified ’80s sound that most of the new Bon-Iver-family-Mid-West bands mimick. The album was recorded at Justin Vernon’s studio in Wisconsin. I love the Mid-West and the Bon Iver family, but these bands have gotta find a new sound!

But maybe I’ll try again later, I have warmed up to Gayngs after almost 3 years of owning their album!


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