NXNE ’13 – Mikal Cronin at the Silver Dollar; Friday June 14, 2013


Somehow, magically, I was able to catch one of Mikal Cronin’s three gigs during NXNE. Over the last year or so I’ve developed a moderate love for Ty Segall, so by association, I think I developed a thing for Mikal Cronin. My intuitions weren’t off in the slightest, Cronin was amazing.

I went in without knowing even a lick of his music and with a couple too many drinks in me. It was a terrific set, and in all honesty that’s probably all the detail you’re gonna get out of me here.

I however finally got around to listening to his recorded material and I don’t feel let down. It’s far more poppy than I recalled at the live set, likely due to the polished nature of a studio-refined album. I’m super stoked to have found a lovely summer album. I think it’s the sound I wish Ben Kweller moved towards… Sorry BK, country twang’s fine too… Check it –


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