Gush: Take this Waltz threads

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 5.04.23 PMStumbled upon this gem flipping through an old issue of Elle magazine. It features Lea Carlson, a Toronto-based Costumer Designer.

I always have to remind myself that the scenes in my favourite movies are not real and that every inch of an actor has been planned out (as much as I want it to be real). As summer rolls around in Toronto, I’ve caught myself thinking a lot about Sarah Polley’s film Take This Waltz. A movie I liked but didn’t love.

What keeps me coming back to the film is not the plot, but rather the visual aesthetics. The actors, the location (Toronto!!) and the sweltering image portrayed throughout the entire film. Polley did an amazing job capturing Toronto’s sticky summer heat. I remember last summer I spent a long time gushing about some outfits Michelle Williams wore in the film. This article was the perfect companion to my love for the film’s tiny details. I anticipate this summer will be no different, this still remains my summer inspiration for 2013:

This is the dress that Carlson was referring to in the article:


take this waltzHere are some other outfits that I adore from the film: waltz

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