Hidden gem three: Getting Lonely with Tame Impala

Tame-Impala-LonerismI’ve actually listened to Unknown Mortal Orchestra so much that I’ve forgotten about this gem. Tame Impala are back on my radar and they no longer sound like Unknown Mortal Orchestra. I also found the disc for the Antlers’ EP Undersea in the Tame Impala case… Score!!

Throwback: The Good Life “Album of the Year”

I bought this album when I worked at a record store in my local mall in high school. My decision to take it was solely on the sticker on the front that detailed that it was the solo project of Cursive frontman Tim Kasher.
Shortly after I fell in love with this record, The Good Life played the Horseshoe. I remember discussing with my father how I could get into this gig with my fakeĀ  ID which I hadn’t used at that point. He insisted it wasn’t a good idea. I wish I didn’t listen to him. I was seventeen.

I still treasure this album dearly for its fantastic album artwork in the form of a calendar for 2004. Dated, but not forgotten. This album is a rare beauty.



Sights and Sounds: Real Estate (again)

For the most Google-proof name in the world, it sure does come up day-to-day a bunch!

hony“What’s your favorite thing about your dad?”
“He helps me with my problems.”
“What’s the biggest problem he’s ever helped you with?”
“… probably when I get in fights with my friends.”

Then dad wiped some imaginary sweat from his brow, and said: “Whew!”

Have you seen the Humans of New York website? A nifty little blog that captures gorgeous photos of people and wisdom they impart. I love it’s attention to the normal people. Sometimes I feel like I get so bogged down by celebrities, it’s really refreshing to see day-to-day folk get some attention.

‘Prince Avalanche’ Directed by David Gordon Green

Meet Director, David Gordon Green. He’s teamed up with all sorts of indie favourites such as Zooey Deschanel and Paul Schneider in All the Real Girls, and Sam Rockwell and Olivia Thirlby in Snow Angels. Both sort of distant, absent films in my mind, for which Green also wrote the screenplay for, in addition to directing!

His new one Prince Avalanche shows some serious potential with the big shot unlikely pair Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch. I’m also super excited to hear a custom-fit Explosions in the Sky soundtrack. Green has previously used the music of Explosions in the Sky in the film Snow Angels as well. This is another Explosions-related project set in Texas, those boys are faithful to their roots!

Check out the great promo material, far too darling:


Hidden Gems two

With a bit of White Stripes based on an exchange with Rob of 45spins.
We’ve all heard bits of Graceland and perhaps if you’re really savvy you’ve seen the very amazing documentary titled Under African Skies. But really, beyond that, that’s where I draw the line of my knowledge of Paul Simon. I was keen enough to grab the digipak version of Graceland after seeing the film. I think I even own an old pressing of the vinyl.