Death Cab For Cutie revisits ‘Transatlanticism’

deathcabre TransatlanticismWell folks, today I learned that this gorgeous album is only available on vinyl. As an avid CD collector, my heart broke a bit to think that I’ll live off the MP3s and the occasional spin of the record. My rationale against records is that I just cannot justify a more expensive music purchase, I do not like flipping records after four or five songs, and finally I cannot see the practicality in the size of a record.* This is the second or third occasion where I’ve run into a band that has released vinyl only!!!!!

I am slightly happy to have the gorgeous artwork bigger and larger than the CD and I cannot wait to spend some time admiring it this evening. Alright, I’m a little cheesed after purchasing this record to find that the artwork is just the old Transatlanticism packaging but bigger and the demo album was never pressed as a hard copy, MP3s only. The album has been out-of-print for a while now…

*Please note that records were awesome when bands put work into their appearance and packaging. I love when posters and small add-ons accompany the record… That’s worth the extra effort in owning a record.

Note a few of my favourite vinyl releases:

no-dice rabbit

And the very sweet poster that came with Rabbit Fur Coat:



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