Gush: Hayden

My pal had the very good fortune of seeing Hayden in someone’s living room in Toronto last night, while I tucked in early to battle a blooming head cold.

All I could think about was the tune “Dynamite Walls” and Hayden’s very frustrated performance of this at Hillside 2013. I am a little bummed to find that I didn’t actually write about my experience at the Guelph music festival this past summer. Mid-set Hayden explained to the audience why he’d need another minute to tune, stating that at one time, he thought utilizing weird tuning sounded good. That time was 2001, with the release of the excellent album Skyscrapper National Park, a title apparently borrowed from Kurt Vonnegut’s book Slapstick.


In performing this tune, Hayden took a few minutes, but what made this bit of time especially awkward was his verbal frustration. No swearing, but quite a bit of anger towards his tuning imperfection. He decided that it was OK and began performing with band for a few bars and then stopped the gang to say he wasn’t OK with how it sounded.

Despite this, it didn’t in the slightest taint my image of the guy… In fact, it made me appreciate this song even more.

I also remember when I first bought this album when I was working for a local record shop in high school. I remember thinking how cheap it was with my discount, believe it or not a complete anomaly, even as a record store employee. I think I paid $12.99 less 40%… I certainly got my money’s worth.

I know Soundscapes in Toronto has quite a few copies of the vinyl in-stock right now. If I was a bit wealthier, I’d certainly grab one! I think feeling the packaging alone would be worth it.

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