Gush: Michael Azerrad’s ‘The Talkhouse,’ Geoff Rickly

I’ve gushed about things Michael Azerrad before with his CMJ gig in New York last month and his terrific book on eighties underground rock called This Band Could Be Your Life. However I think my love for all things Azerrad bumped up to a new level in reading that both Geoff Rickly (Thursday) and Annie Clark (St. Vincent) have written for his website the Talkhouse over the last month.

I think I’ve diverged from my fan girl ways with celebrities, but being fully in love with an artist’s music, I’m still interested in what they listen to and what it means to them. The Talkhouse is a terrific way to delve into the minds of your favourite musicians. Featuring indie queens and post-hardcore vets just shows the great breadth that The Talkhouse captures.

While Thursday’s Geoff Rickly has retired his role as the band’s frontman, I am so excited to see that he’s actively writing for The Talkhouse. I’ve known of Thursday’s interest in genres beyond their own since their hidden collaboration with Cursive’s Tim Kasher on the tune “Ladies and Gentlemen: My Brother, the Failure” with a very awkward video cameo back in 2007. They then moved to do split EP with Tokyo’s Envy, which was released on Temporary Residence. Back in 2003, when I first got into the band, they concluded their very best album War All The Time with with a Sigur Rós titled “Ný batterí.”

GEOFF RICKLY’S A DEERHUNTER FAN!!!! I’m so thrilled to see new contributions to come by Rickly and other artists. Move over Pitchfork…


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