Today’s fit: “Emmylou” by First Aid Kit


This unconventional love song pays sweet praise to older artists that these gorgeous Swedish girls clearly admire.

If you’re unfamiliar with First Aid Kit, they are two sisters from Sweden who blew up after posting a little video of themselves covering Fleet Foxes in a forest somewhere. At the time, Johanna was just 17 and her younger sis Klara was just 14 (!!!). Five years later, the gals are no strangers to the music business.

I was lucky enough to see them back in the fall of 2010 at the El Mocambo before they exploded to play the likes of bigger Toronto venues such as the Danforth Music Hall (!!)


A few notable happenings over the last twenty-four hours:

Toronto’s ice storm, which made me think of this old gem… Apologies for the shitty quality:

My dear friend, Laura, being ever so sweet:


The ice storm also led me to think of this lovely stay-in inspired tune:

I also had the ridiculous discovery that one of my earbuds has become quieter than the other. This wonky unbalance is driving me a bit mad. I’m thrilled that I’ve had a pair long enough to have them bust on me, but c’mon…!! How tedious.

Gush: ‘The F Word’ Directed by Michael Dowse


fword6  I’m of the lucky bunch that have already seen this delightful rom-com-dram. This film has been tucked so tight under wraps that even after the films been both screened and filmed in Toronto, I still know so little. There isn’t even a trailer!!!

New Pornographers’ AC Newman selected the fine tunes for this delightful film, which from my memory alone, featured many tunes from the ever talented Patrick Watson. Watson’s magical sounding tunes fit the film so eloquently, I really can’t dish about the fit enough.

I first got into Watson after figuring out that he was the guest voice of the Cinematic Orchestra tune “To Build A Home.” A tune you may have recognized in countless films… It’s sort of a coreshaker, with it’s blend of Watson’s peculiar vocals, piano, and orchestra. Here’s a very classy version of it:

Here’s my favourite Watson song, which was featured in the F Word:

If you’ve got some time, do check out these, as they’re your only connection to the film as of now:

TIFF Panel Discussion of The F Word

Zoe Kazan on CBC’s Q. A very delightful interview.

The film is featured in Canada’s Top Ten film fest at TIFF in the first two weeks of January. DO NOT MISS OUT.

GUSH: ‘The Crash Reel’ Directed by Lucy Walker and Soundtrack

If you trust my judgement int he slightest and like documentaries, you must must must see this movie.

Perhaps you’ve come by Lucy Walker in watching her documentary titled Waste Land. A favourite in my books for the incredible look at Jardim Gramacho, a mega-landfill in Brazil. Walker can do no wrong. 

Beyond the amazing story and recovery of snowboarder Kevin Pearce, the film has a beautiful soundtrack:

Here’s the trailer for Waste Land and Crash Reel:

Gush: New Tycho due March 2014

March seems forever away, but new albums are already beginning to be revealed. Tycho, aka Scott Hansen, has unveiled his new tune “Awake” for our ears. I’m not sure if I love it, it’s very reminiscent of his previous 2011 release Dive, an album that I really love.

Here’s the new track, as well as my choice track from the album Dive.




Also worth your time is Hansen’s design blog where he’s labeled himself ISO50.


Today’s Fit: “Little Faith” by the National

Well, my stint here at LaGuardia has certainly extended a bit longer than I had hoped, but I really cannot complain. I immediately thought of the tune “Little Faith” and its very literal lyrics about not moving anywhere, which fits my mood perfectly:

“Now I’m stuck in New York
And the rain’s coming down
I don’t feel like we’ll go anywhere
Stuck in New York
And the rain’s coming down
Still in line for the vanity fair”