Gush: Andrew Bird “Three White Horses”

The first time I watched Andrew Bird, I went alone because I didn’t know a soul that liked him at the time. The show was at the Opera House in Toronto and the gig was in support of his perfect album Armchair Apocrypha. I had a copy of Plato’s Republic in tow and read a small chunk in the flashy lights in between sets.

Fast forward six years and I’ve stumbled upon the gorgeous album Hands of Glory, which I learned today was a companion album to Break It Yourself, an album that has tugged on my heart strings many times over.


Here’s my most recent fixation, it’s Bird at his finest:

And for good measure, if you haven’t heard this gem already, you probably should because St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) with Andrew Bird is really unbeatable:


One thought on “Gush: Andrew Bird “Three White Horses”

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