On ‘Breathless’ and French New Wave Cinema

Godard’s mega popular film Breathless was released in 1960, roughly around the same time as 1959 French new wave films Hiroshima, Mon Amour and The Four-Hundred Blows. Apparently, Breathless was based on a newspaper article that François Truffaut had read. Over the years, I’ve seen each film a few times over now and I have to say, French new wave cinema is boring. As much as I adore mischief, love, and longing, I need a real portrayal.

Last week, I was told by someone that I liked sincere things. Guess what, he’s right. There’s nothing sincere about the French new wave’s over-the-top responses and gallants.

Here, I admit, I fell asleep for the middle half hour of the 90-minute film Breathless yesterday, IN THEATRES. I let a small hiccup snore out, thankfully from the back row of the cinema.

I will forever love the stills and pictures from Breathless, Jane Seberg is a mega babe!! Bellmondo ain’t too bad either.

BreathlessBreathless-Screenshot-01film-noir-breathless-movie-poster-via-impawardsbreathless_ver3BREATHLESS - American 50th Anniversary Poster by Rodarte 1aboutBreathless-Poster-breathless-15824199-800-1053