Gush: “Sleep Walk” by Santo & Johnny

I’ve gotta dip into say that this weekend was easily one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while. I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday (!!!) and spent it with some of the most tremendous people in Toronto. I’m just the lucky SOB to be a friend of any and all of them.

The tune “Sleep Walk” was just a gorgeous end to an (almost) perfect weekend. The only way that I could have a perfect weekend is if either Saves the Day or the National played my birthday party. Chances, far too slim, but a gal can dream.
Happy Sunday night folks, I hope you had half as good of weekend as I did. This tune’s from 1959, an instrumental tune that reached number one. I vote for a resurgence in popularity for this gem:

Also, I highly recommend the Danforth Bowl. The owners were so sweet to us, providing laughs, warm service, and suggesting we take the time to do a group photo. I will celebrate all of my parties there until I can’t lift the itty bitty five-pin bowling ball.

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