Gush: ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée

The last film I watched by Canadian Director Jean-Marc Vallée was back in 2005/2006 at the Bloor Cinema. I was in the twelfth grade and wasn’t ready for a movie so in-your-face campy. Last night, eight years later, I watched his follow-up full-length film, Dallas Buyers Club with bigger names and significantly more Hollywood buzz. It’s a great film that I highly recommend seeing.
I was delighted to see Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox portray the boyfriend of Jared Leto’s character Ray. Without a doubt he was hired based on his skeleton-like frame and his fearlessness in dress and individuality. Before I developed a liking for Deerhunter, Cox was known to wear grandma dresses on stage, I haven’t seen any dresses in the five or six times I’ve seen him play with any act he’s in. He however sported a wig at Deerhunter’s gig at Laneway Music Festival in Detroit last fall. The wig made Cox look like Joey Ramone. Cox’s performance in Dallas Buyers Club was very minimal, having very few lines beyond one word answers, considering all of the screen time he had.






















If you didn’t know, Cox’s slim, long stature is due to a genetic disorder he has called Marfan syndrome, which Joey Ramone was rumoured and denied to have had himself.


St. Jerome's Laneway Festival








The above shot was of Cox and his wig at Laneway Music Festival Detroit. Nearing the end of his set, he took it off to show that it wasn’t actually his mop.


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