Rant one: The Compilation/Gush: ‘Girls’ Soundtrack

I have a love-hate relationship with music compilations. There’s something really  awful about a greatest hits album that completely disrespects the original vision of the artists, tearing away any ounce of artistic creativity and honing attention to the popular tunes. However, for some reason, a soundtrack to a show or a film gets me. I think my love of soundtracks started with the film The Virgin Suicides, which is a two-part soundtrack that has one disc of tunes by the electronic duo Air and another soundtrack with songs used in the seventies-inspired film.








My second rant of this is the soundtrack that boasts the headline “songs inspired by the film.” There’s nothing worse than getting your hands on a CD that has songs that weren’t actually featured in the film. I encountered this back in 2006 with the soundtrack to the film the Last Kiss. I had fallen in love with the soundtrack, months before the film’s release, to eventually find on a small handful of the songs had actually been used in the film. On things Zach Braff, I fell in love with the Garden State soundtrack, as I imagine most people in my age bracket did. Listening to the soundtrack was like re-living the film all over again without committing both your eyes and ears.








I’ve never been one for mixed CDs, I however received a birthday gift six years ago, from my friend Ted, that’s easily one of my favourite gifts ever received.
















Back to why I’m writing – I adore that the Girls Soundtrack is titled “All Adventurous Women Do…” A phrase from the show that I’ve taken with me everyday, strangely liberating and comforting all at once.


Hurrah for a new Jenny Lewis tune!


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