Gush/Rant: Real Estate ‘Atlas’

I feel very robbed that the Real Estate album can only be advanced streamed in the US. I guess I should start downloading.

For the time being I have this live listen. Thanks NPR!

Note: I couldn’t get through it, there’s something awful about listening to something for the first time… live.

I take my rant back… IT’S FINALLY HERE!

Gush/Study Time: “Beyond the Valley of the Three White Horses” by Andrew Bird

The tune “Three White Horses” song has swiftly made its way into my heart as one of the finest Andrew Bird songs. “Beyond the Valley of the Three White Horses” is the longer, extended version of the tune. This is the perfect medley of all of my favourite bits of the tune. It runs ten minutes long, with few lyrics, making it the perfect study tune!

If you’re a dedicated follower, you know I spent a lot of time getting close to Andrew Bird’s music in the fall. This is just the extension of my love for Bird and excitement for his gig at TURF’14 in Toronto as Andrew Bird & the Hands of Glory, which his website describes as “an old timey acoustic configuration featuring Tift Merritt, Alan Hampton, and Eric Heywood on pedal steel.  They’ll be bringing the huddled around one microphone approach to the summer shows, including …” I imagine the collaboration will look exactly like this Sunshine Session, sun included:

Gush: Musical Preference by State

As I’m sure most of you have seen already, the following is a project done by Paul over at the Music Machinery. This project drew its data from Spotify to determine what the most listened to artist is of a region.

A fascinating study, especially to a geography geek like myself. The creator says this map can help generalize an area’s music preference, perhaps for making recommendations. I think it’s a bit skewed as a result of how well-used Spotify is to all individuals.



Update: It seems that the creator of the previous map indicated that there was a misconception of the purpose of the first “distinctive map.” What the creator intended to capture was artists that showed high listening rates in comparison to others, rather than just the most popular – hence the indie edge.

Here in the colourful bottom map, he has listed the favourite artists of each state. A big difference, with more regional characteristics.

Gush: The Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser goes solo


I’m so happy to report that this mega hunk, Hamilton Leithauser, is going solo. Solo projects can really go many many ways. The repressed singer that just wants to do his own thing, or perhaps a carbon copy of the individual’s former band. Either way, I’d be happy to see what Leithauser can do. Often not armed with a guitar, I’m keen to see his potential.