On ‘First Comes Love’ Directed by Nina Davenport

First Comes Love is a beautiful documentation of a woman’s journey to becoming a mother… Alone.

Nina Davenport serves as both the brains and the body of this film as both Director and subject of the film. She’s 41 and after the death of her mother, she found herself wanting to have that relationship again, this time as a mother. Davenport’s quirky and optimistic about life, which fuels the film.

I thought this film was a positive move for women, perhaps serving to encourage people to have children on their own. One thing’s for certain, Davenport has a strong support circle, which made the birthing process all the more easier for a single parent.

The subjects tackled in this film reminded me heaps of the Jennifer Westfeldt film, Friends With Kids. In Westfeldt’s film the lead character, a single New Yorker who turns to a friend to serve as the paternal father, much like Davenport. Davenport’s story, more real than Westfeldt’s, but both films raise important questions and issues that may arise in parenting without the nuclear family cookie cutter.

The film tackles a number of modern day issues, such as dating, dating in your forties, dating with kids – challenges that were never an issue for the baby boomer generation.

It makes me realize just how much has changed over the years.

first-comes-love_340pxfilmroundup1-articleLarge firstcomeslove_01  SlideD1

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