Gush: ‘Tracks’ Directed by John Curran

As a free screening in town, I had no expectations walking into the film beyond fuzzy knowing what was about and where it was set.

Note the epic use of M83 and know the trailer does not live up to the awesomeness that is the movie.

The film is a true story about twenty-four-year-old Australian, named Robyn Davidson’s (portrayed by the natural beauty Mia Wasikowska) quest from Alice Springs, traveling 2,700 kilometres to the Indian Ocean.

A few things that really struck me after watching this film is how while the film is set in 1977 and time passing is noted, it is not really apparently how culturally time has changed in the Outback. Secondly, the repeated use of this gorgeous Hoagy Charmichael tune, which she would nostalgically listen to when thinking of her deceased mother:

Thirdly, I was thrilled to see Adam Driver playing a role where he doesn’t portray an oaf, dare I say a role that was even charming.

Here are some snaps of the real Robyn Davidson, I was amazed to see how well Wasikowska portrayed her:



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