Gush: Musical Preference by State

As I’m sure most of you have seen already, the following is a project done by Paul over at the Music Machinery. This project drew its data from Spotify to determine what the most listened to artist is of a region.

A fascinating study, especially to a geography geek like myself. The creator says this map can help generalize an area’s music preference, perhaps for making recommendations. I think it’s a bit skewed as a result of how well-used Spotify is to all individuals.



Update: It seems that the creator of the previous map indicated that there was a misconception of the purpose of the first “distinctive map.” What the creator intended to capture was artists that showed high listening rates in comparison to others, rather than just the most popular – hence the indie edge.

Here in the colourful bottom map, he has listed the favourite artists of each state. A big difference, with more regional characteristics.

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