GUSH: New Sharon Van Etten, Spring 2014

After listening to a day’s worth of Angel Olsen, what I’ve dubbed Sharon Van Etten’s little sister, I’m happy to report that Sharon Van Etten has teased us with some info on her new album. I’ve waited for two years now since the release of her near perfect album Tramp. The album’s due May 27.

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Stream: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Sountrack

Wes Anderson’s new film The Grand Budapest Hotel looks as wacky as any other film he’s dropped. I’m really looking forward to it, as well as it’s sweet soundtrack. I’m just digging into my first listen, but I already know it’s gonna be good!

The soundtrack is to be released on March 4.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” Soundtrack
01. s’Rothe-Zäuerli – Öse Schuppel
02. The Alpine Sudetenwaltz- Alexandre Desplat
03. Mr. Moustafa- Alexandre Desplat
04. Overture: M. Gustave H- Alexandre Desplat
05. A Prayer for Madame D- Alexandre Desplat
06. The New Lobby Boy- Alexandre Desplat
07. Concerto for Lute and Plucked Strings I. Moderato Siegfried Behrend & DZO Chamber Orchestra
08. Daylight Express to Lutz- Alexandre Desplat
09. Schloss Lutz Overture- Alexandre Desplat
10. The Family Desgoffe und Taxis- Alexandre Desplat
11. Last Will and Testament- Alexandre Desplat
12. Up the Stairs/Down the Hall- Alexandre Desplat
13. Night Train to Nebelsbad- Alexandre Desplat
14. The Lutz Police Militia- Alexandre Desplat
15. Check Point 19 Criminal Internment Camp Overture- Alexandre Desplat
16. The Linden Tree Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra, Vitaly Gnutov
17. J.G. Jopling, Private Inquiry Agent- Alexandre Desplat
18. A Dash of Salt (Ludwig’s Theme) – Alexandre Desplat
19. The Cold-Blooded Murder of Deputy Vilmos Kovacs- Alexandre Desplat
20. Escape Concerto- Alexandre Desplat
21. The War (Zero’s Theme) – Alexandre Desplat
22. No Safe-House- Alexandre Desplat
23. The Society of the Crossed Keys- Alexandre Desplat
24. M. Ivan- Alexandre Desplat
25. Lot 117- Alexandre Desplat
26. Third Class Carriage- Alexandre Desplat
27. Canto at Gabelmeister’s Peak- Alexandre Desplat
28. A Troops Barracks (Requiem for the Grand Budapest)- Alexandre Desplat
29. Cleared of All Charges- Alexandre Desplat
30. The Mystical Union- Alexandre Desplat
31. Kamarinskaya Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra, Vitaly Gnutov
32. Traditional Arrangement: Moonshine- Alexandre Desplat



Throwback: ‘Stubbs the Zombie’ Sountrack

Back in 2005, I remember when my world shook with the release of the very charming soundtrack for the video game Stubbs the Zombie. Imagine slying peolpe to the sweet sounds of Ben Kweller singing a very true version of the 1958 tune “Lollipop” or hearing a very delightful version of the 1954 Penguins tune “Earth Angel,” again while smashing people’s heads in.

















I have a feeling this game and soundtrack didn’t do as well on the market as it did in my heart, but I’m OK with that. YEARS LATER I’VE FOUND IT ONCE AGAIN and it’s serving as the perfect album to boost up my mid-winter blues.

Concert Review: Glasvegas at the Mod Club; Saturday February 22, 2014

Scottish rock band Glasvegas played a full Mod Club on Saturday night, which meant it was an early gig. As I get older, I realize what a gem it is to not be stuck at a concert venue for all hours of the evening, it also allows one to hop to another show… Say, Malkmus and the Jicks up the road. I didn’t do as such, but I know folks that did.

I have always written Glasvegas off for their ridiculous name – a hybrid of Glasgow and Los Vegas. However when asked last minute by a very hot date to go to the gig, I found myself compelled to go to the free gig, and for the very hot date as well. He threw on the tune “Daddy’s Gone” from the band’s self-titled album. He described the band as a sixties sounding rock band… I disagree as a whole, but for that one very good song, he’s pretty bang on.

Glasvegas seems to have a very male-dominated, dedicated following. It was really fun to see people really into a gig – lots of hooting and hollering. Lead singer and guitarist, James Allan, commented that they must be Scottish, and with some more banter told him in a very heavy accent to “folk off” and then said he was kidding and said he loved him. Very minimal banter beyond this from the gang, perhaps due Allan being sick, but maybe not. It was probably for the better because deciphering the Scottish accent in a sweaty, loud concert venue ain’t easy.

Dressed all in black, the band is comprised of four members, all men with the exception of drummer, Jonna Löfgren, who for the entire wore black wayfarer sunglasses. Löfgren also stood up playing for the entire set, which I suspect is something characteristic of the band. It seems that from older videos, their past drummer did this too.

As a green listener, I found their music a bit repetitive – lots of chanting bridge parts meant for sing-a-longs, lots of stern, forced vocals, and marching drum patterns. All of what I’d probably image to be popular in the Scottish music scene. Revisiting their studio stuff now has made me appreciate their gig significantly more. This band’s certainly worth checking out, both recorded and live.