Gush: Tycho ‘Awake’

I got into Tycho three years ago (!!) after hearing a friend’s mix in a car ride, which featured “A Walk.” I was enamoured by the band’s soft, yet complex sound. I spent late study nights listening to the album Dive and sometimes even drifting off to sleep.

I suspect Awake will be just as good to me. NPR’s still got it up, so do feast your ears on it.

Also, sorry to break hearts here, but Tycho’s Toronto gig appears to be SOLD OUT.

Tycho is California native Scott Hansen, who moonlights as ISO50 for his photography and design work. Check out the beauty and thoughtfulness that his new album has taken shape into:

(I’m happy to report, this will probably be one of my few vinyl purchases of the year. Unless the CD version looks like this too!)


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