Help Okkveril River’s go-to art guy, Will Schaff

Yes, that’s right, Will Schaff, not Scheff. You may have seen some of Will Schaff’s art work on the cover of Okkervil River albums (frontman named Will Scheff) and on the cover of a Goodspeed! You Black Emperor album too.

Will Schaff has created an indigogo to support money he owes for the place he makes his art and catches up on sleep. I still haven’t quite come to terms with the idea of formalized begging, but the perks can be pretty fun. For just $80, you can hang out at Schaff’s haunts in Warren, Rhode Island and then grab a beer with him at his favourite local dive. Or for just a measly $9, you can get a Schaff original deck of cards, pretty sweet!

He’s looking for another $90,000 dollars, a bit ambitious, but the guy’s already made nearly $28,000 in just 15 days.

Here’s to Schaff:

ok okkervil-river-black-sheep-boy okkervil

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