Goodbye Kim’s Video & Music

I found this place a few years back when a friend and I were stumbling around New York. There has been a bit of buzz about the shop because it’s set to close down mid-July.

The record store didn’t leave a mark on me, but my interactions were brief. It’s interesting to hear a take from a former employee of the store, as well as some of its history.

From my last visit to the store in June 2012:


Gush: Bry Webb

For the duration of my Master’s degree, I lived in a small city an hour outside of Toronto called Guelph. I managed to dip my toes into the campus radio station, a decision that was motivated by the opportunity to upload music from the station’s music library.

I dabbled with the idea of having my own radio show, something that is totally possible with the wonderful and very encouraging environment at the University of Guelph’s CRFU. I find myself reminiscing about my radio days in Guelph because of the resurgence of the band the Constantines and Bry Webb, the band’s lead singer.

Getting a little fan girl here, I have a minute crush on Bry Webb. From the moment I heard the tune “On To You” from the Cons’ 2003 album Shine a Light and then Bry Webb’s slightly toned down album Provider. He’s now come out with a new album titled Free Will, which you can stream here.

I highly recommend watching this sweet video produced by Southern Souls, filmed in Webb’s kitchen in Guelph:

Gush: ‘Teenage’ Directed by Matt Wolf

Even after seeing 12 docs at Hot Docs 2014, I’m super excited to see the film Teenage this weekend at the Bloor.

Just a rundown, because it’s an unconventional film, Teenage talks about the phenomenon that is youth and being a teenager. It’s a historical take on what was, what probably still is, and what can be. Jason Schwartzman provided the funds for the film and Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox provided the sweet tunes. Jena Malone, who starred in most of the teen films I loved in high school, provides narrations for the film – very fitting!

I’m completely smitten already!


Michael Dowse’s ‘The F Word’ get retitled to ‘What If’

Daniel Radcliffe had three films at the Toronto International Film Festival last September. I only made it out to one, but had my socks blown off by the very lovely The F Word, which was recently retitled What If.

Horrible horrible name.

I’ve gushed before, but I’ll gush again – this is one of the most charming rom-com’s I’ve seen – both filmed and set in Toronto.