Gush: Bry Webb

For the duration of my Master’s degree, I lived in a small city an hour outside of Toronto called Guelph. I managed to dip my toes into the campus radio station, a decision that was motivated by the opportunity to upload music from the station’s music library.

I dabbled with the idea of having my own radio show, something that is totally possible with the wonderful and very encouraging environment at the University of Guelph’s CRFU. I find myself reminiscing about my radio days in Guelph because of the resurgence of the band the Constantines and Bry Webb, the band’s lead singer.

Getting a little fan girl here, I have a minute crush on Bry Webb. From the moment I heard the tune “On To You” from the Cons’ 2003 album Shine a Light and then Bry Webb’s slightly toned down album Provider. He’s now come out with a new album titled Free Will, which you can stream here.

I highly recommend watching this sweet video produced by Southern Souls, filmed in Webb’s kitchen in Guelph:


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