I speak for the CDs part one


After countless arguments in support of CDs, I have come to the conclusion that I just need to write a series that defends the compact disc. The title slightly inspired by the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax (much like the title of this very blog), I am defending a media format that is slowly diminishing.

Here is a surprising article that draws another interesting point that differs from many other compact disc naysayers. Even after reading this article, I strongly believe that if you don’t take care of your CDs, i.e. leaving them in the sun, keeping them out of case, or stacking the discs, your CDs probably won’t last… Much like anything one doesn’t take care of.

I’ve worked in three used record stores and extensively bought at the third. People are gross and it shows in their CDs and DVDs they’re trying to make a few bucks off of. My coworkers and I would often hold our breath when we’d open a bag, in fear that we’d inhale some sort of toxic smell. We’d use lighter fluid to clean plastic CD cases, or replace them altogether.

Lesson learned? Take care of your CDs and they’ll last.

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