Gush: Vivian Maier “Photographs of Children” hits Toronto


Vivian Maier

Have you found Vivian Maier yet? Sorry for my awful play on words, but the documentary title Finding Vivian Maier is just such an appropriate title for such a prolific, nutty person.

So, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to Vivian. Vivian died in 2009 at the age of eighty-three in Chicago, Illinois. Most of her photos were taken in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles capturing city life and behaviour in the urban environment. Vivian’s work is uncontestably amazing, but what makes her story so prolific is that in her time her work was never published. She lived a very modest life as a live-in nanny and took photos on the side. In the film Finding Vivian Maier you get to hear the accounts of the kids she once took care of. The film, which was part directed by John Maloof, was inspired by Maloof’s amazing discovery of Vivian’s work through buying a storage locker for less than the now cost of one of her prints.

Speaking of which, Vivian’s work will be whipping through Toronto July 17-September 13.


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