Searching for a new Mayor for Toronto



One redeeming quality of the Ford family is that they have pushed many indifferent citizens to take some sort of concern for politics in Toronto. I attended the first part of the mayoral debate focused on arts and culture. It was curated by stunner Damien Abraham of Toronto-based band Fucked Up.









Here are some moments I took with me:

  • Ford wants to create a mega music festival, but can’t see what Toronto has already established. Continuously praised Texas festival Austin City Limits to many frustrated sighs and giggles. The guy wouldn’t know what a good music festival was if it beat him on the head with a stick.
  • New high school graduate Morgan Baskin showed some serious homework in calling Ford out on his past votes against key art hubs in the city. High fives!

New tunes: Lila Ices ‘Ices’

Attention St. Vincent meet Lila Ices, your baby sister.

Check out her weird sounding, brand spanking new album. I haven’t decided if I like it much, but I can tell you I adore her tune “Love is Won.” That tune alone has given her album a good listen in my books. Catch the NPR First Listen of Ices before they take it down!