Gush: Kathleen Edwards

Back in 2011, my dream couple came into fruition… That’s Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon and folky Canadian wonder Kathleen Edwards. Somewhere along the way, I missed this moment at the Dakota Tavern:


Vernon produced Edwards’ perfect album Voyageur at his studio in Wisconsin. Years later the couple split… Edwards took a break from music and eventually led to her hiatus. She posted a ridiculous bid adieu to music earlier this year with much outcry from the internet. I’m happy to report that from this newspaper article, she still identifies as a singer, but happens to now own and run a coffee shop. Meet Quitters, a coffee shop I should have glowed about sooner on here.

In an interview with the Toronto Star, Edwards outright says that she’s not exactly where she saw her self at thirty-six. She pictured a family, kids and a home, which in this article she says she thought would be in Wisconsin (!!!). I can’t wait to meet Edwards’ shop in Ottawa… If I ever do find myself up there.

I found myself in a nostalgic spiral this evening starting off with Edwards, then Wintersleep, then high school pop punk. Yikes, I digress.


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