Gush: Best Coast ‘California Nights’

I think adulthood started for me around 2011. While I had lived out several years prior, 2011 was the year when the help decreased and I finished school. It was also the year when I missed Best Coast’s first Toronto gig as I was stuck working a Superbowl pub shift, but managed to catch them a month later in California.

I have really fun memories driving around LA cranking crazy for you in the Dodge Caliber I rented singing IIIIIIIIII-WAAAAANNNNNT-YYYYYOUUUU-SOOOO-MUUUUCHH at the top of my lungs (see this video). Ahhh sweet memories.

Now with a few low-fi groups with female singers on the scene, I think it’s harder than ever to create a unique sound. I’m excited by the fancy album cover of the new Best Coast album California Nights, I hope their sound matches up with its awesomeness. Sounds a bit Pink Floyd-psychedelic, it sort of works:

Hilarious google find when I was trying to locate the album cover of California Nights, I found Alvvays instead!

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.17.39 AM


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