Tobias Jesso Jr. at the Drake; Sunday March 22, 2015

I first learned about Tobias Jesso Jr. after putting together this post in anticipation for twenty fifteen. I found the poster both dated and super charming, which led me to further pursue my interests in the guy. I had a feeling he’d be a big deal, but I’m still on the fence as to whether I like his music or not. Simple piano and straight forward vocals.

Jesso’s best weapon is his charm. He’s modest, sincere and new to the music industry. He entered the stage with a gracious smile on his face and said “I’m only going to play the hits, but I have none. Just silence.” He said he had to credit his manager for the joke, the sweet guy couldn’t even take that for himself.

His debut album Goon doesn’t have too many stand out tracks on it. Jesso Jr. got a serious push from mega stars Adele and Taylor Swift. It was his tune “How Could You Babe” that won both myself and Adele over. To my surprise he didn’t end with it, but ended with the song “Hollywood” – where he sings about how he’s going to get “fried” and killed by by the industry. Hopefully this is not so because Jesso has a very sweet mug and a young, hopefully energy you don’t see from musicians that have been around the block a few times.

This picture was snapped by the National Post. The best photograph I’ve seen captured of Jesso, whatta hunk!