Gush: Alvvays

With a bit of shame and some sadness, I’m sad to report that I haven’t actually seen Toronto-based outfit, Alvvays, live. They’ve given me every opportunity for the past two summers to do so and I just haven’t. Must get on this soon.

Do listen to this gorgeous summery album that fits today’s sweltering, sticky weather:

Gush: Explosions in the Sky do Toronto

I am over-the-moon excited to see one of my favourite bands tonight, rain or shine, as a part of PANAMANIA. It should be an amazing show, I haven’t seen them in four years! The best part? It’s FREEEEEE!

Hot tip: Explosions in the Sky’s band tees are the best.

Here’s a song for your dreary Monday afternoon:

Gush: “Baby” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Little Richard cover)

You may know Little Richard’s hugely, hugely famous song “Tutti Fruitti,” which I feel dorky writing out. Unknown Mortal Orchestra is toning down their psych-dance sound to interpret Little Richard’s tune “Baby,” originally release with “Tutti Fruitti” on an album called Here’s Little Richard in 1957.

Gush: “Return to the Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, with Crescendo)” by EL VY

I’m a mega fan of the National, so hearing this little ditty is throwing my game off a bit. With its cheeseball ’80s guitars and drum machine-sounding percussion, I feel a bit silly actually digging this. Matt Berninger, the band’s voice and lead singer of the National, gives an almost humourous, but still serious, baritone voice, making this cheesy pop song sound like the golden nineties Brit pop era.

But this song goes out to all of the people that tell me The National is depressing to listen to:

Oh yes, and let’s never forget EL VY’s other member, Brent Knopf, who blew my mind with Menomena many moons ago: