Gush: 10 years of Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins

“Ruuuun Devvvvillll Ruuun, Deeeevil Ruuun, Deeeevvvilll Ruuuuuu-uun. From Love…”

These four words open up Jenny Lewis’ masterpiece Rabbit Fur Coat. They also are likely to turn people off of the album even faster. Rabbit Fur Coat turned ten recently, an album that’s stayed with me in. In fact, it was my full-album choice last Saturday at the bar. It’s tender (waltz “Melt Your Heart”), gritty (country ho-down “The Big Guns”) and timeless (Wilbury’s classic “Handle With Care”).

I managed to catch two gigs in support of this album – one in March at the Opera House and a second in October at Trinity St Paul church. For the latter gig, the band walked down the aisle as if they were getting hitched as they bellowed the album’s opening four words. It was incredible. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Although I am slightly crushed I can’t make their 10-year reunion in LA this Friday.

Lewis has even got a graphic novel based on the album on the market now… Only available at the three show she’ll be playing in all the cool American cities.

Now, time travel ten years to the very amazing Autumn de Wilde photo series for the album’s artwork. De Wilde wrote on her Instagram that the photo shoot was at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in LA.





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