February is Ty Segall month

Despite working in record stores and selling, but really mostly talking, Ty Segall, I never really got into the guy. After missing countless Segall gigs over the last five or six years, I got around to buy tickets for his gig in early March at the Danforth Music Hall. As I was buying my tickets, the record store owner asked me if I was up to date on all of his material. I’m not, but I’m trying my hardest to get there in the two or three weeks I have approaching the show.

I’ll be writing a bit each day about my adventures into Ty Segall and his growing garage rock family. SPIN put together this fine list of 59 Ty Segall releases ranked in order of preference. It will serve as a my organized guide.

Here are some preliminary tid bits on Ty Segall you may (or may not) be interested in knowing:

Ty Segall is twenty-eight years old
Ty Segall grew up in California with the Laguna Beach cast
Ty Segall‘s high school band Epsilons is still given high praise
Ty Segall is weird, very weird
Ty Segall has put out a ton of stuff under a number of different monikers and band manifestations: Ty Segall with White Fence, Fuzz, Ty Segall band, Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin
Ty Segall is really good buddies with one of my favourite artists Mikal Cronin who often plays in his band
Ty Segall likes good music
Ty Segall releases a ton of albums. Seventeen full-lengths since 2007 (!!!!)



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