Ty Segall two: “Goodbye Bread”

“Goodbye Bread” is the title track from the album of the same name. The tune is lazy and lethargic – emulating my moods on Mondays. Ty Segall wrote a few words on the song’s meaning –

“Goodbye Bread” is about the obvious and the not-obvious, which is kind of what I was shooting for with a lot of the tunes. “Hello Monday/ Goodbye Bread” is just about working. “Bread” is money, and the whole tune is kind of like, “You play the game we all play” — it’s about working a nine-to-five, this whole busy-bee, consumerist lifestyle thing. And then it’s also about … [how] you can’t take it with you when you die. So the whole “Goodbye Bread” thing is saying goodbye to money, and a typical, nine-to-five, safe lifestyle.


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