Ty Segall Six: Tim Presley/White Fence

Tim Presley is White Fence. A sweet friend took me to see them play Toronto venue, the Garrison, back in 2014. I didn’t know much about them aside from the psychedelic-charged album, Hair, Presley made with Ty Segall in 2012. The album was meant to be a split EP, but turned into a collaborative album. Presley is currently touring with Segall as a guitarist in his band the Muggers. I am also super sad to find out that I missed opener Cait Le Bon open for his Toronto gig.

Like Segall, Presley seems to have an endless catalogue of music to share.

When Presley’s not making music as White Fence or touring with Segall, he has a dormant outfit, Darker My Love, and has played with the Strange Boys, the Nerve Agents and the Fall. Most recently, he’s started making music under the name DRINKS with Cait Le Bon. Back in 2011, Presley even started his own record label called Birth, to help release San Francisco musician, Jessica Pratt’s music. Presley’s a designer and makes all his album art.


I cannot get enough of this Kinks-like song. It’s so sweet and sooo sixties:

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