Gush: Lucy Dacus pt two

I’ve listened to twenty-year-old Lucy Dacus’ beautiful albumĀ No Burden three times all the way through this weekend. Two back-to-back plays at my bar before I had any customers. I know I said this with Damien Jurado just a few posts ago, but it may be the best thing I’ve encountered all year, for real.

Her music is pretty, but energetic. Her voice is classy (think Billie Holiday), but playful.

When I was twenty, I lived in a cockroach-infested apartment in Toronto’s Chinatown and I was losing my mind over the discovery of Bon Iver. Lucy Dacus is making me look bad.

Few recorded YouTube videos of her actual music, so here’s a stream from NPR. And her first single:

(Update: Still hurting from missing her gig last week just one day before I found her music)