Gush: Car Seat Headrest

I developed a weird love for the Cars’ song “Just What I Needed” last summer. I was in Detroit in the middle of the summer and I had the weird urge to hear it. It’s been a go-to happy tune of my song ever since.

I was very crushed to read about thousands of dollars of Car Seat Headrest gear being crushed to bits because of an unauthorized borrowed lyric by young Will Toldeo of Car Seat Headrest. He apparently had permission to use the music, not the words.

I got into this fella’s band pretty fast with the nineties sounding tune, “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales,” which reminds me a bunch of the build up in Nada Surf’s “Always Love.” Toldeo’s voice also sounds heaps like Beck. He’s playing Toronto in September with my artist of the year, Lucy Dacus. It’s going to be incredible.

Yesterday, I listened to a thirty-minute rave review of Car Seat Headrest’s album Teens of Denial


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