The Staves at Lee’s Palace; Thursday June 9, 2016

I’ve been slacking a bit with the event reviews. Yesterday I caught about thirty blissful minutes with the Staves. The Staves’ core members are sisters Emily, Jessica and Camilla Staveley-Taylor. They’re now permanent fixtures in Bon Iver’s band and can often be found touring with him, but last night, just days after playing the gorgeous Sydney Opera House in Australia, they found themselves in one of Toronto’s best dive venues.

I was amazed to find just how late they took the stage. I’ve been spoiled with so many early shows as of late. My advanced age is showing. They played well passed eleven, too late for my sleepy eyes.

The Staves are as charming as they are gorgeous. They interjected sweet thank yous and high compliments to their Toronto crowd. They seemed truly happy and grateful for the sold out venue.

I walked in part way through the tune “In the Long Run,” which they followed up with “Mexico.” I was surprised to hear how well they carried out cresendos. The addition of a drummer, who they introduced as Dave and jokingly called him “Dave Stave.”

If you’ve never heard the Staves, I recommend watching the video below and just try to not fall in love with them:


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