Sarah Harmer on the Environment

I recall musician Sarah Harmer being an activist with the release of her concert and documentary film, The Escapement Blues. Great to see thirteen years later she’s still using her voice to make change.

Sarah warned: “We need to understand the threats in Bill 66 that concerned so many of us are the same that we have with the endangered species act review,”

2 thoughts on “Sarah Harmer on the Environment

  1. Hi, I was culling my business cards today and I came across one with a handwritten ‘forthebananas’ url.

    I sat beside you at Massey Hall at a Bon Iver show; must have been the December 6, 2011 show, as my son took me out for dinner, drinks and the show for my 60th birthday, but we were unable to get two seats together (thanks a pantload American Express). I had been into The National for a few years, and I recall you being new (and over the moon) to their charms. Did you ever graduate from the Guelph geography program?

    Can’t remember your name, just your intelligence and enthusiasm. Thanks for continuing to blog. We still have similar tastes in music, and I think you should consider podcasting. You have the chops.

    David Coates

    • David,

      This was such a lovely message to receive. I’m not ever really sure people are reading my little blog, but I keep updating it every now and then. I finished my schooling and I’m now working for the City of Toronto’s Environment division. Things have worked out pretty well for me.

      I remember that Bon Iver show well. It was electric – one of those shows that you’re real glad was at Massey Hall and not the Sound Academy or the Phoenix. Sometimes you’ve just gotta sit and bask (heh – I’m getting closer and closer to my 60th birthday, it seems).

      Podcasting is scary – I tried when I knew little about podcasting. I wish I made more. Never enough female voices in the podcast world though.

      If in the event you see this – drop me a line at Perhaps we can intentionally cross paths at a show.

      Thanks for your kind words,


      P.S. Did you see my post about seeing the National 17 times? I’m still smitten and their new track “You Had Your Soul With You” is perfection. I’m so glad they’re still making music and finding new ways to reinvent themselves – without straying too far from everything I love about them.

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