Gush: “Good Woman” by the Staves

It took a few listens, but I’ve finally realized the beauty the gorgeous details in this song. The Staves don’t need much to sound pretty, but this song is packed with energy, great production, and creative editing. Choppy “oohs” and “ahhs” that are obviously edited and clipped to give the tune more grit. The bar-like chitter chatter at 1min50sec point – resonates hard in the pandemic era.

Make belief: Fleet Foxes at Massey Hall

Welcome to the very first post of my pandemic-inspired series, make Belief. A series of things that may have happened if things weren’t the way they were. Hopefully, I don’t have to dream for more time than 2022.

This Make Belief is two fold – the memory of what was Massey Hall (now Allied Music Centre) and seeing live music. This song is so grand, like dumb Phil Spector grand. It’s lush and well-produced, but not over produced to my ears.

Many years ago, probably 2009, I last minute sold my single ticket to see Fleet Foxes at Massey Hall. I don’t regret it, but I kind of wish I had that memory now. I think I’ve only seen Fleet Foxes at a music festival, I could be wrong. Probably should check through the forthetrees archive. Another post on Fleet Foxes to come, or perhaps my aging memory.

Gush: Cigarettes After Sex

I know I’m a bit late to the party, normally I catch on to a band’s big wave before they play big venues like the Danforth Music Hall, but here I am.

I love the stillness of this song.
I love that I didn’t know the gender of the singer and didn’t care to know for the longest time.
I love that a cover of this very song was used in one of my favourite films I’ve seen in some time, Promising Young Woman

Original song, cover of the song, and trailer for the film Promising Young Woman below: