Make belief: Fleet Foxes at Massey Hall

Welcome to the very first post of my pandemic-inspired series, make Belief. A series of things that may have happened if things weren’t the way they were. Hopefully, I don’t have to dream for more time than 2022.

This Make Belief is two fold – the memory of what was Massey Hall (now Allied Music Centre) and seeing live music. This song is so grand, like dumb Phil Spector grand. It’s lush and well-produced, but not over produced to my ears.

Many years ago, probably 2009, I last minute sold my single ticket to see Fleet Foxes at Massey Hall. I don’t regret it, but I kind of wish I had that memory now. I think I’ve only seen Fleet Foxes at a music festival, I could be wrong. Probably should check through the forthetrees archive. Another post on Fleet Foxes to come, or perhaps my aging memory.

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