>Monthly Mix, May 2011

>Dear dedicated readers (all five of you),

This marks my first official month making mix CDs for those who want to hear something lovely. I will make them as the month ends, as it will reflect what I’ve got my hands and ears on in the last month or so.

It’s been raining a ton here in Toronto, my best friend in the whole wide world pointed out that out of twenty six days, it had rained something like eighteen days. For all this glum, weather I’m feeling pretty good. Spirits are high, as are the song selections of the album.

I’m feeling pretty sixties. My go to music has been all things from the past. This mix is just that sprinkled with a bit of here and now. The most significant, influential purchase of the last month or so has to be the Numero Uno released compilation Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label. Released three or four years ago, this album has got some serious life to it with the release of the Derek Cinefrance film Blue Valentine. Ryan Gosling handpicked the Penny and the Quarters song “You and Me” as he and Michelle Williams’ character’s song in the film. A song that Numero Uno is quite actively trying to find the original artists of to present them with the newly earned royalties. Very unfortunately, Penny and the Quarters have not been found!

If you’d like to receive a copy of the May mix, please email me your mailing address (how ironic!) and I will be sure to send you a lil something in the mail. I can be reached at kimberley.stemshorn@gmail.com

Get excited, this one’s gonna be good.