>Pitchfork Preamble one: James Blake vs. Neko Case

>Alright, so I’ve broken down day 1 of the festival and I pretty much know what I’d like to see.

My favourite discovery of the evening has been Guided By Voices. I’m a devout fan already, I can’t wait to grab two of their albums tomorrow.

I’m sort of crossed between James Blake and Neko Case as they have conflicting schedule times. I’m leaning towards Neko, although James Blake has some serious hype following him.

NEKO it is.

Get ready, I’m feeling totally inspired by Pitchfork Music Festival. The line-up is very Pitchfork friendly and I don’t know many of the acts. But I’m about to have a serious education and last minute cram so I make sure I miss nothing at all. Please keep posted, would ya?