Gush: Sina Grace’s take on Jenny Lewis

Sina Grace is on my radar, but I’ve definitely seen some of his work illustrating some companion doodles for More Adventurous (see the second photo). I just know the photo below is to accompany Rabbit Fur Coat‘s “Rise Up With Fists!!” I’m a little crushed to learn that only 1000 copies of Grace’s graphic novel based on Rabbit Fur Coat will be released exclusively at the three gigs. Fingers crossed they get leaked online!


Gush: 10 years of Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins

“Ruuuun Devvvvillll Ruuun, Deeeevil Ruuun, Deeeevvvilll Ruuuuuu-uun. From Love…”

These four words open up Jenny Lewis’ masterpiece Rabbit Fur Coat. They also are likely to turn people off of the album even faster. Rabbit Fur Coat turned ten recently, an album that’s stayed with me in. In fact, it was my full-album choice last Saturday at the bar. It’s tender (waltz “Melt Your Heart”), gritty (country ho-down “The Big Guns”) and timeless (Wilbury’s classic “Handle With Care”).

I managed to catch two gigs in support of this album – one in March at the Opera House and a second in October at Trinity St Paul church. For the latter gig, the band walked down the aisle as if they were getting hitched as they bellowed the album’s opening four words. It was incredible. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Although I am slightly crushed I can’t make their 10-year reunion in LA this Friday.

Lewis has even got a graphic novel based on the album on the market now… Only available at the three show she’ll be playing in all the cool American cities.

Now, time travel ten years to the very amazing Autumn de Wilde photo series for the album’s artwork. De Wilde wrote on her Instagram that the photo shoot was at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in LA.




Searching for a new Mayor for Toronto



One redeeming quality of the Ford family is that they have pushed many indifferent citizens to take some sort of concern for politics in Toronto. I attended the first part of the mayoral debate focused on arts and culture. It was curated by stunner Damien Abraham of Toronto-based band Fucked Up.









Here are some moments I took with me:

  • Ford wants to create a mega music festival, but can’t see what Toronto has already established. Continuously praised Texas festival Austin City Limits to many frustrated sighs and giggles. The guy wouldn’t know what a good music festival was if it beat him on the head with a stick.
  • New high school graduate Morgan Baskin showed some serious homework in calling Ford out on his past votes against key art hubs in the city. High fives!

Gush: Vivian Maier “Photographs of Children” hits Toronto


Vivian Maier

Have you found Vivian Maier yet? Sorry for my awful play on words, but the documentary title Finding Vivian Maier is just such an appropriate title for such a prolific, nutty person.

So, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to Vivian. Vivian died in 2009 at the age of eighty-three in Chicago, Illinois. Most of her photos were taken in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles capturing city life and behaviour in the urban environment. Vivian’s work is uncontestably amazing, but what makes her story so prolific is that in her time her work was never published. She lived a very modest life as a live-in nanny and took photos on the side. In the film Finding Vivian Maier you get to hear the accounts of the kids she once took care of. The film, which was part directed by John Maloof, was inspired by Maloof’s amazing discovery of Vivian’s work through buying a storage locker for less than the now cost of one of her prints.

Speaking of which, Vivian’s work will be whipping through Toronto July 17-September 13.


Charlie Brown meets the Smiths

How darling are these mash ups? Match made in heaven:


Just a side note, but when I was thirteen I acted and sang in a school production of Your A Good Man, Charlie Brown. I distinctly remember singing the smash hit “Happy Birthday” in the audition, which got me a part as chorus member. Despite my sub-par singing voice, I really think I would’ve made a stellar Lucy, as much as I hate reconciling with the fact that I am a lot like Linus’ older sis.


I’ve been a bit shy to check out new material by the National on my own will. To me, ‘High Violet’ is one of the most perfect albums and I don’t want to taint my impression of that gorgeous album.

Well, here I am listening to the new album in its entirety as the band’s posted it to iTunes. It took me a while to figure it out but is streamable for free through one’s iTunes player by looking up the profile for the band in the iTunes store. I spent an embarrassingly long time looking for an online stream of this album.

Not sure how long it’s going to be up for, but I know I’m going to play the shit out of the album whether I like it or not at first listen. I am filled with so much excitement for their Brooklyn gig in early June, for which I have tickets for.

I am super excited to learn that this album features the work of old predictables like Sharon Van Etten and Richard Reed Parry but also the lovely dazzle of Nona Marie Invie of Dark Dark Dark (!!!).


Also, if you’re keen to know where the bizarre album art came from for this album, it’s the work of Artist/Professor Bohyun Yoon. This project titled ‘Fragmentation’ and his work looks the limits of human perception and how an individual sees the world. Interesting stuff! ‘Fragmentation’ as a whole is definitely worth checking out, the National has only captured a piece of Yoon’s work in their album artwork.