Ty Segall three: Lyrics

Ty Segall’s undoubtedly got good hooks (see the album Melted). His sound is fuzzy and lo-fi making it hard to decipher his words. I look up the words for two or three songs off of Melted to find simple, meaningless music. My favourite nothing song is “Sad Fuzz” with the ridiculously catchy line – “Please don’t be sad my baby no/Please don’t be sad you know your mine/Yeah you’re mine.” It’s the ultimate anthem for expiration dating.

Melted is so damn catchy and it’s only 30 minutes long!


February is Ty Segall month

Despite working in record stores and selling, but really mostly talking, Ty Segall, I never really got into the guy. After missing countless Segall gigs over the last five or six years, I got around to buy tickets for his gig in early March at the Danforth Music Hall. As I was buying my tickets, the record store owner asked me if I was up to date on all of his material. I’m not, but I’m trying my hardest to get there in the two or three weeks I have approaching the show.

I’ll be writing a bit each day about my adventures into Ty Segall and his growing garage rock family. SPIN put together this fine list of 59 Ty Segall releases ranked in order of preference. It will serve as a my organized guide.

Here are some preliminary tid bits on Ty Segall you may (or may not) be interested in knowing:

Ty Segall is twenty-eight years old
Ty Segall grew up in California with the Laguna Beach cast
Ty Segall‘s high school band Epsilons is still given high praise
Ty Segall is weird, very weird
Ty Segall has put out a ton of stuff under a number of different monikers and band manifestations: Ty Segall with White Fence, Fuzz, Ty Segall band, Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin
Ty Segall is really good buddies with one of my favourite artists Mikal Cronin who often plays in his band
Ty Segall likes good music
Ty Segall releases a ton of albums. Seventeen full-lengths since 2007 (!!!!)


Elliott Smith

I always get super excited to meet someone that’s seen Elliott Smith live, as I was only fifteen when Elliott died on this very day in 2003. It’s been ten years! I’ve had the pleasure of venturing out to the Elliott Smith Figure 8 wall three times now. It’s not the same, but it feels pretty awesome to visit that spot.

Here a few snaps from my most recent visit in April:


Found this brilliant gem this evening. It’s a solo show played months before his death:

‘Telegraph Avenue’ Michael Chabon

chabI just started reading this gem after getting sucked in by its fantastic artwork, music focus, and the Bay Area. There’s so much mention to albums that I’ve never laid my ears on, so here mark the spot of a wonderful new project… As if I needed another one on my plate…

I am going to try and listen to as many of the albums mentioned as possible… Here’s my start based on today’s read:

Donald Byrd Electric Byrd Blue Note 1970
Melvin Sparks Sparks! Prestige 1970Melvin Sparks Spark Plug Prestige 1971
Charles Kynard Wa-Tu-Wa-Zui Prestige 1971
Airto Fingers CTI 1971
Andy Gibb After Dark RSO 1980
John Coltrane Kulu Sé Mama Impulse! 1967
Miles Davis On the Corner Columbia 1972

And that’s just 25 pages in!!!!



A few years back I saw these ladies rock their home state of California. It was a real treat that I didn’t even realize. It was the first and only time I saw them, but I remember it better than other unfamiliar shows. I realized they were big in the California scene when they were name dropped in the Will Arnett show Up All Night in the first season’s episode “Cool Neighbours.”

up-all-nightIn 2011, Warpaint played Toronto a couple of times at real small bars. Shame.

Somehow, I ended up back on this band years later. I love that they’re a girl band with edge, we need more of that.

Coachella 2013 aftermath one: Grizzly Bear

I picked this as my first because I knew it’d be an easy gush.

Much to my surprise Grizzly Bear played one of the smaller, covered stages. I was able to find a close spot closer to stage left. To me it’s the perfect spot because I am able to see most of the band and the jumbo screen for when my eyes get tired, beyond that you can squeeze in at the very end to get a good shot.

Before Grizzly Bear took the stage, I met a bunch of really lovely people to enjoy the set with. We shared a great love for the band and had a few chuckles throughout the set on my big love for Grizzly Bear drummer Chris Bear.

The band played a good chunk, if not all of their brilliant release Shields they however made sure to play some old gems as well. I really enjoyed hearing “Knife,” “Ready, Able,” “While You Wait For The Others” and “On a Neck, On a Spit.”

Back in the fall of 2012, just after the release of Shields I scooped up a last minute single ticket to see them play Massey Hall in Toronto. They used the same backdrop at their Coachella gig which came into full form in the final few moments of the tune “Speaking in Rounds,” as it had in the Toronto gig a few months back.

Here’s a video of the unveiling of the gorgeous back drop and a bleed in to the tune “Sleeping Ute”:

While the set was certainly condensed, it didn’t feel as though it was. The band played all the hits I could have wanted to hear, with the exception of the gorgeous tune “All We Ask.”

I was also really surprised that the band closed with the slow burn, but still epic tune “Sun in Your Eyes.”

Coachella preamble seven: Amoeba Records

I am incredibly proud to say I’ve been to all 4 Amoeba locations in California. My favourite has to be the Hollywood spot, despite the fact that I got a $60 ticket after spending five minutes buying Nada Surf’s last album. Argh.

They’ve also got a terrific series called What’s in my bag? Funny thing… I wrote that previous post on Amoeba neck deep in marking… Here I am, yet again, marking…