Fondly remembering – Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison

Feeling blue today, but remembering Frightened Rabbit’s frontman, Scott Hutchison, fondly. I’m sure glad I saw them flawlessly light up the Danforth Music Hall about a year ago, May 29, 2017.

This tune is easily one of my favourite tunes ever:


Elliott Smith top ten lists

I wonder why writers and journalists are so compelled to write top ten lists to remember Elliott Smith. Perhaps it’s because he wasn’t as big as he could’ve been, or perhaps we wonder what he’d be putting out today in his mid-forties. Instead we have an extensive collection of old tunes, which ain’t so bad…

Here’s a list compiled by a dear friend.

Here’s Consequence of Sounds’ list.

Elliott Smith

I always get super excited to meet someone that’s seen Elliott Smith live, as I was only fifteen when Elliott died on this very day in 2003. It’s been ten years! I’ve had the pleasure of venturing out to the Elliott Smith Figure 8 wall three times now. It’s not the same, but it feels pretty awesome to visit that spot.

Here a few snaps from my most recent visit in April:


Found this brilliant gem this evening. It’s a solo show played months before his death: