Tennis at the Mod Club; Friday October 3, 2014

It’s a cute story how Tennis came to be… Singer Alaina Moore and guitarist Patrick Riley met in college, wed, sold all of their belongings and sailed along the east coast and then wrote an album. Their first album Cape Dory is sweet, beachy and full of surf beats, a sound the band has definitely strayed away from with their most recent release, Ritual in Repeat. I read an interview Moore had with Now Magazine where she said she stated:

“When we first started making music, our scope and abilities were very limited. I remember thinking at one point that the surf beat was my favourite beat, and why would there be any other rhythm in any song other than that beat?” says Moore.

“But by the time we were done touring that first record, I felt like I was going to kill myself if I had to hear it again.”

I bought the album five days before the gig to do some much-needed homework while supporting Sonic Boom’s big move to Spadina and Queen. I felt a strong love for some tunes and a dislike for others (namely, the likeliness of “Needle and a Knife” to Carly Simon’s “Your So Vain”). The album’s redeeming bits are the tunes “Night Vision” and the vintage sounding tune “Bad Girls.”

Super cheesy tune, “I’m Callin'” actually came off real slick live. Guitarist Riley started the beeping riff from the tune on the keyboard and made an awesome transition to continue the same riff on guitar. In my mind, saving (or distracting) me from the otherwise annoying, skippable song.

Moore was in good shape for this gig. The band looked a bit frazzled, declaring that their visit was only to be a two-hour stop in Toronto because of their gig in Cleveland the following day. Nearing the beginning of her set she sheepishly thanked everyone for being at the show over another gig that evening in town of a band she said she loved and would leave nameless (Beach House at Lee’s). Early Mod Club shows allow for doubling up, an absolutely likely reality of Tennis’ gig, as it was over by 11pm.

The set was very divided, the first half dedicated to their new album and the second half allowing for older tunes like “Marathon,” which Moore dedicated to the audience and one of my favourite tunes, “Pigeon,” both from their 2011 release Cape Dory. They only played a few songs from their 2012 release Young & Old – “Petition” and “It All Feels the Same” serving as the crowd shaking dance tunes.

Between my pal Natalie and myself, we had both watched Tennis play quite a few times in Toronto, but all on different occasions. She saw them with their early starts at the Drake and the most recent gig opening for Haim at the Kool Haus. I’ve seen them play the Horseshoe and the Phoenix. Apparently, the relentless band even played the Garrison somewhere in between, which neither of us attended… Pretty amazing. I guess touring has yielded an eclectic fan base comprising of a surprising number of men… Who knew?

Note Alaina’s short bob, very confident:

image (1)

Gush: Take this Waltz threads

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 5.04.23 PMStumbled upon this gem flipping through an old issue of Elle magazine. It features Lea Carlson, a Toronto-based Costumer Designer.

I always have to remind myself that the scenes in my favourite movies are not real and that every inch of an actor has been planned out (as much as I want it to be real). As summer rolls around in Toronto, I’ve caught myself thinking a lot about Sarah Polley’s film Take This Waltz. A movie I liked but didn’t love.

What keeps me coming back to the film is not the plot, but rather the visual aesthetics. The actors, the location (Toronto!!) and the sweltering image portrayed throughout the entire film. Polley did an amazing job capturing Toronto’s sticky summer heat. I remember last summer I spent a long time gushing about some outfits Michelle Williams wore in the film. This article was the perfect companion to my love for the film’s tiny details. I anticipate this summer will be no different, this still remains my summer inspiration for 2013:

This is the dress that Carlson was referring to in the article:


take this waltzHere are some other outfits that I adore from the film: waltz

Coachella preamble three: Threads and Kicks

So much of Coachella is the people and much of that are the threads they wear!!

I know I’m going comfy and light by sporting sundresses, micro shorts, sunnies and Toms. I have no idea how some of these gals wear sandals and heels, those are major don’ts for me to be cozy at this festival. It’s in a desert and completely dusty, shoes are a spoil after this gig.


I have no idea how Kate Bosworth wore rubber boots to this sweltering festival, even if they are Hunters...

I have no idea how Kate Bosworth wore rubber boots to this sweltering festival, even if they are Hunters…





coach 3



Doesn't Anne Hathaway's beau look exactly like Ryan Gosling here!!!?

Doesn’t Anne Hathaway’s beau look exactly like Ryan Gosling here!!!?





Jenny Lewis bares a mini jumper at Coachella 2008.

Jenny Lewis bares a mini jumper at Coachella 2008.








Here are some past posts and comments I’ve made about fashion and Coachella.


Alright McSweeny’s, I’ve just about had it. I don’t subscribe to the Believer because it costs so damn much just to ship it. But I find the most dazzling tote in the world as part of your ‘Bryne Bundle’ for today but you want $50 for the goods and another $50 just to ship.

Get real, guys!

BUT REALLY, the most amazing tote in the word….


Coacehalla two: fashion

OK, so as a gal who has been to Coachella, I gotta give these music loving babes some serious credit because they look gorgeous. First off to bust some myths, Coachella is hard work, while you’re not actually doing all that much, you are in the heat for 8 hours a day, running on very little sleep.

I also how no idea these girls wore heels. Comfort all the way for this festival as its on what is usually used for polo sport, not exactly easy moving for footware with heels!