Gush: “Baby” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Little Richard cover)

You may know Little Richard’s hugely, hugely famous song “Tutti Fruitti,” which I feel dorky writing out. Unknown Mortal Orchestra is toning down their psych-dance sound to interpret Little Richard’s tune “Baby,” originally release with “Tutti Fruitti” on an album called¬†Here’s Little Richard in 1957.


Throwback: ‘Stubbs the Zombie’ Sountrack

Back in 2005, I remember when my world shook with the release of the very charming soundtrack for the video game Stubbs the Zombie.¬†Imagine slying peolpe to the sweet sounds of Ben Kweller singing a very true version of the 1958 tune “Lollipop” or hearing a very delightful version of the 1954 Penguins tune “Earth Angel,” again while smashing people’s heads in.

















I have a feeling this game and soundtrack didn’t do as well on the market as it did in my heart, but I’m OK with that. YEARS LATER I’VE FOUND IT ONCE AGAIN and it’s serving as the perfect album to boost up my mid-winter blues.

Gush: “Sleep Walk” by Santo & Johnny

I’ve gotta dip into say that this weekend was easily one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while. I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday (!!!) and spent it with some of the most tremendous people in Toronto. I’m just the lucky SOB to be a friend of any and all of them.

The tune “Sleep Walk” was just a gorgeous end to an (almost) perfect weekend. The only way that I could have a perfect weekend is if either Saves the Day or the National played my birthday party. Chances, far too slim, but a gal can dream.
Happy Sunday night folks, I hope you had half as good of weekend as I did. This tune’s from 1959, an instrumental tune that reached number one. I vote for a resurgence in popularity for this gem:

Also, I highly recommend the Danforth Bowl. The owners were so sweet to us, providing laughs, warm service, and suggesting we take the time to do a group photo. I will celebrate all of my parties there until I can’t lift the itty bitty five-pin bowling ball.