Dear Daniel,

Meet Tennis, they’re from Baltimore and they’re in love.

They got hitched and sailed around the eastern coast for their honeymoon… The result was a fabulous album calledĀ Cape Dory.

This past February they released the masterpieceĀ Young & Old. You’re heartless if you don’t like this!!!!

“Take Me Somewhere” is off of their old albumĀ Cape Dory:

Thanks for checkin’ me out!

For Tryon: TV on the Radio

Brooklyn’s finest rockers, TV on the Radio has a distinct sound that I can’t associate with any other band.

“Wolf Like Me” is practically a vintage song right now, but it totally rocks. There is so much energy in this tune:

“Province” is pretty sweet too:

For Tyron: Bon Iver

Meet Bon Iver! Justin Vernon is the heart and soul of this band. He locked himself up in his father’s cabin in the winter of 2007 where he made his beautiful masterpiece For Emma, Forever Ago. It’s completely bare and full of heart, this is “Skinny Love,” probably the most accessible tunes of the album:

Somewhere between his two albums, Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver was recognised by heavy weight Kanye West for this song:

Kanye made it into this:

The follow-up to this album is a lush, orchestral piece. It’s absolutely gorgeous live and recorded: