Gush: Buck Meek on NPR

My friend Dan recently got me onto Charley Crockett this week. This Buck Meek video I stumbled upon today is the perfect country-soaked chaser to Crockett’s shameless presentation of country.

You can probably tell I’m not a huge country music person, but I’m also not the sort of person that responds to the question “What sort of music do you listen to?” with “Everything but country and classical.”

I tend to gravitate towards pretty. Meek’s voice has the country drawl, but is so so pretty. Just what my early Saturday morning needed.

Make belief: Kiwi Jr live

I wish I could see this Toronto band live. I know they’d be touring the heck out of it if they could, it probably breaking their hearts more than mine.

I think they’d probably play Lee’s Palace. Here’s a nice tune from their new album:

Gush: Cigarettes After Sex

I know I’m a bit late to the party, normally I catch on to a band’s big wave before they play big venues like the Danforth Music Hall, but here I am.

I love the stillness of this song.
I love that I didn’t know the gender of the singer and didn’t care to know for the longest time.
I love that a cover of this very song was used in one of my favourite films I’ve seen in some time, Promising Young Woman

Original song, cover of the song, and trailer for the film Promising Young Woman below:

Gush: Frightened Rabbit deep dive

I feel a swell of sadness when I listen to Frightened Rabbit. Frontperson Scott Hutchison took his own life in 2018. First he went missing and the music community wrote about him, begging for him to return home and then soon after his body was found.

Not sure if it’s good writing to acknowledge death when gushing about a band’s music on here, but it’s what comes to mind. It’s still fresh and on my mind as I listen and take in the band.

What I also feel is gratitude for being able to see them play the Danforth Music Hall in 2017 Their last Toronto gig was February 2018, just three months before Hutchison’s death. I didn’t attend, but sure wish I did. The band’s put together a show in December 2018 with special guests filling in on vocals.

Anyways, if you need me I’m deep diving into Frightened Rabbit’s catalogue. It’s been a while and it feels good!

I highly recommend the album Painting of Panic Attack which was produced by Aaron Dessner from the National.

Gush: “I Know the End” by Phoebe Bridgers

Full satisfaction is finding a stranger who confirmed your feelings.

The lushness and dazzling horns made me think of long-time Bright Eyes contributor Mike Mogis. Turns out he mixed the album.

My love of celebrity buzz and seemingly good people connecting is summarized in this article here, but that’s not what this blog is about…

I’ve fell hard for Bridgers’ new album Punisher. I thought maybe it was the COVID mood, but I revisited her first album Stranger in the Alps and still after my new found love of it’s younger sibling, I just don’t like it as much. All this to confirm that Punisher is incredible.

Special acknowledgement to the outro of “I Know the End” and @crescendollsx who is feeling me.

Gush: Hannah Georgas

I first learned about Hannah Georgas from Rich Terfry and his CBC 99.1FM radio show Drive. I then saw her tour with Kathleen Edwards in support of the perfect album Voyageur. Then, many years later, with the National in Hamilton, with their female-infused album, I Am Easy to Find.

After some internet searching, I found out that Georgas has been working with the National’s Aaron Dessner on her new music. Here are two gorgeous tunes that I listen to at least twice daily, soak it up!

Gush: Darondo “Let My People Go”

Neo soul is a genre I’m so happy to see a resurgence. It’s also served as a platform to help aging artists have a second-wave career (thinking: Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones, Darondo, Lee Fields).

Sadly Darondo died in 2013 (wow – seven years ago TOMORROW), but his music lives on in TV shows – the song “Didn’t I” was used in both Breaking Bad and Love Life.